About me

IMG_5428i About me

I’m Diana, not a princess, not a goddess, not a pack of cigarettes.

I am a student of engineering in  Rome, a lover of beauty in all its forms.

Rather than a lover, a hunter, I always said that I wanted to be an archaeologist.

A landscape, an architecture, a dress, a purse and even a dish; to dream with images and words.


And if I have to find a starting point, I say Instagram.

I say images that have been able to surprise, words and appreciation that bring me to open this little cosmos.

The spiral that symbolizes the center of the universe, and this simply meant to be mine.

A cauldron made of many ingredients, mixed in different ways. A vortex that takes a bit ‘all there is around. Like the wind that brings with it scents and flavors, like life.

My spiral; begins with a D.


Feel free to ask me anything at: thespirald@libero.it

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