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One of the most incredible place to spend the holydays in Sardinia? Villasimìus and Pullman Timi Ama between flamingos and crystal clear sea.

The last year was really amazing, intense and absolutely unique … so much travelling  that I get a nomination as the best travel blogger at the MacchiaNera Awards. I leave HERE the link to vote, I need your support !!!

For my summer holidays I needed a moment of relaxation   and sea life.

Not having many days to share with my boyfriend, I chose an Italian destination among the most beautiful in the world: Sardinia.

I must admit, with some shame,that  for me was the first time in this crystal-clear island.

We decided to head southwards, definitely less crowded but no less beautiful.

This is the story of the days spent at Villasimìus at Pullman Timi Ama, a beautiful sandy beach resort overlooking the sea.

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One of the most amazing natural phenomena in the world: spring in Flanders.

A wise person a few days ago told me that it is not good to trust those who do not like flowers.

Beauty is in small and big things, only sensitive and sharp spirits are able to appreciate it.
In Flanders I have found so much, this is the tale of the magical Belgian spring.

The amazing flowering of Hallerbos bluebells.

You will be very amazed at what I am about to show you and tell you about

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An amazing camera for the new LG G6, I bring you with me to discover it.

Maybe you will not believe what I’m about to tell you, but it’s the pure truth: these photos were all taken with a mobile phone.

Specifically this is the new LG G6, recently launched on the market and already rewarded by readers.

I’ve been able to test it in the last few days and take it to the wonders of my hometown and the enchanted forest in Flanders, where I was last week and I will talk about it very soon.

But now I tell you a bit better about this phone, the winner of the title of the best smartphone at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Its great strength is certainly the camera:

– Wide-angle camera:

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The Treasury of Petra and the lowest place on Earth. Jordan, second chapter.

And here it is, as I promised, my post devoted to one of the 7 wonders of the modern world: Petra. First chapter HERE.

I had dreamed it, wanted it  I was and I’m completely fascinated.

The entrance to the city excavated in stone costs about 50 dinars, more or less 65 euros. A high expense, however, is definitely worth it.

If you choose to travel with the Mistral Tour Operator (Quality Group), the ticket will be included in the travel package.

Petra is an archaeological site that extends for km and km. Personally, I have traveled 15 and in every small step I have been accompanied by the feeling of wonder and amazement.The site hosting over 800 monuments.

There are so many places to stop … but let’s start from the Siq, a gorge that reaches at the narrowest point two meters. Natural conformation made with  the most beautiful shades of red earth.

The Treasury of Petra

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