Weekend a Tivoli: i loughi imperdibili. 1062 1067 1070 Food Instagram WhereToGo

A Weekend in Tivoli: what to see and where to eat.

From time immemorial I have wanted to dedicate a page in my diary to my favorite place: Tivoli.

It is certainly the city in the world that I know the most, I have called this place home for decades and I can certainly provide you with some tips from a true local!

This is my guide for a weekend in Tivoli: the unmissable places to visit.

A couple of years ago I made a video, together with my friend and super Filmmaker Matteo Ermeti, which could describe a corner of the world older than Rome with images and suggestions. It was a great success with a lot of ARTICLE in La Repubblica!

THIS instead is my speech dedicated to the unmissable places for summer 2020 on Sky Tg24 (I chose to talk about my favorite place: Tivoli).

Not many know that the history of Tibur (ancient name of Tivoli) is lost in time until the archaic settlement of 1215 BC, it is older than Rome!

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Dubai: guida della città in un weekend lungo. 1061 1062 1070 1072 Collaborations Food Instagram Outfit WhereToGo

Dubai: city guide on a long weekend.

When people (the web, newspapers …) talk about the power of viewing their goals, I have always been skeptical. For a couple of years I have decided to try. Can the simple fact of writing a list and putting it on black and white help the wishes and objectives become reality ?!

I can tell you that for many things it was just like that for me.

This year I managed to tick 6 dream destinations from the list I had drawn up in early January 2019 and Dubai was among them.

A city with an oriental charm but with the futurism of the future.

Born from a small fishing village, it quickly became a big metropolis thanks to “black gold”.

Dubai is the city that makes you believe in dreams, everything seems possible here. A ski slope in a shopping center, an artificial island or a building that will be 1km high (will be built on the occasion of EXPO 2020); are just some of the ideas that came out of the imagination to become solid reality.

I had the pleasure of exploring it thanks to the Dubai Tourist Board that made this trip possible and the crowning of my desire.

This is the city guide on a long weekend (4 full days). Flights from Rome take about 5 hours (there are many direct), which makes it possible to visit this city of the United Arab Emirates even in just over a weekend.

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10 Instagram places San Francisco Collaborations Food Inspiration Instagram WhereToGo

10 most instagrammable places in San Francisco you don’t have to miss!

A few days ago I ended up seeing one of my favorite TV series of all time: Sense 8. One of the places where it is set is precisely San Francisco, so I had a great desire to bring back memories of one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

But this great metropolis of California is much more: one of the urban centers with the most open horizons in the world. Here you can breathe tolerance and acceptance of the different in every corner and way. It is the city where LOVE IS LOVE, without colors, languages, genders or whatever.

So here is a diary page of my trip made last May in collaboration with Master Consulting, Norwegian and the City of San Francisco Tourism Board. If you missed the first part of the Californian trip in Oakland, you can find it

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Torre Eifell Collaborations Inspiration Instagram WhereToGo

Paris with the eyes of the first time: the unmissable addresses for my 3-day guide to the city.


I will tell you my Paris with the eyes of the first time, of those who fall in love unexpectedly and are amazed.

Perhaps in my heart I kept this city secretly hidden from my mind to enjoy it in a special moment, not to waste it and to appreciate it as you do with the rarest things.

It was the goal of my birthday, for the first time spent in the way I dreamed for all my life: traveling with my bf..

This is my mini guide of Paris, how to enjoy its atmosphere in 3 days full of emotions.

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