Fuga dall'inverno in Giamaica: alla scoperta dell'isola caraibica di Bob Marley. Collaborations Inspiration Outfit Uncategorized WhereToGo

Winter escape to Jamaica: discovering the Caribbean island of Bob Marley.

Caribbean are my favorite place in the world, they have the instantaneous ability to make me feel the sun inside.

An overwhelming and multi-faceted culture, lush nature, crystal clear sea and long beaches of fine sand.

Last December, just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to discover one of the most loved islands: Jamaica, thanks to the Tourist Board and the Alidays tour operator through which you can live exactly our trip!

The best time to visit is right between December and April, when the rains are less frequent. In reality, the climate is tropical, so temperatures are high all year round (between 20 and 30 degrees).

The official language of the island is English (being part of the Commonwealth) and the American dollar is accepted everywhere (even if the official currency is the Jamaican dollar).

The strong point? Reggae culture.

Let’s go to the discovery of the Caribbean island of Bob Marley!

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Sharm El Sheikh, una vacanza a 5 stelle al Royal Savoy Hotel. Collaborations Food Outfit WhereToGo

Sharm El Sheikh, a 5-star holiday at the Royal Savoy Hotel.

I dreamed of Egypt since childhood, a land of ancient pharaohs, of myths, legends and an incredible millennial culture.

In the past I had already received proposals to visit it but it was not the right time and way.

Sometimes those who know how to wait get paid off and so last November there was the possibility of spending a week between sun and sea for a 5-star holiday at the Royal Savoy in Sharm El Sheikh.

If you are already imagining prohibitive costs I must make you change your mind immediately. A 5 star property in Sharm has totally affordable costs. Look HERE to believe (we talk about all inclusive).

The next question I’m sure will pop up in your mind is that of security.

Is it safe to take a holiday in Sharm El Sheikh?

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Dubai: guida della città in un weekend lungo. 1061 1062 1070 1072 Collaborations Food Instagram Outfit WhereToGo

Dubai: city guide on a long weekend.

When people (the web, newspapers …) talk about the power of viewing their goals, I have always been skeptical. For a couple of years I have decided to try. Can the simple fact of writing a list and putting it on black and white help the wishes and objectives become reality ?!

I can tell you that for many things it was just like that for me.

This year I managed to tick 6 dream destinations from the list I had drawn up in early January 2019 and Dubai was among them.

A city with an oriental charm but with the futurism of the future.

Born from a small fishing village, it quickly became a big metropolis thanks to “black gold”.

Dubai is the city that makes you believe in dreams, everything seems possible here. A ski slope in a shopping center, an artificial island or a building that will be 1km high (will be built on the occasion of EXPO 2020); are just some of the ideas that came out of the imagination to become solid reality.

I had the pleasure of exploring it thanks to the Dubai Tourist Board that made this trip possible and the crowning of my desire.

This is the city guide on a long weekend (4 full days). Flights from Rome take about 5 hours (there are many direct), which makes it possible to visit this city of the United Arab Emirates even in just over a weekend.

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10 cose da fare e vedere a Capo Verde - Isola di Sal 1062 1067 1070 1072 Food Inspiration Outfit WhereToGo

10 things to do and see in Cape Verde – Sal Island

Cape Verde is a state belonging to the African continent (in front of the coasts of Senegal) composed of 10 islands and with the main Portuguese reference language.

A journey that smells of authenticity, crystal clear sea, endless beaches and good food.

Let’s discover the island of Sal which takes its name from the salt marshes on the island, which is why it was first established (in 1460).

If you missed my first post on Cape Verde and where to stay find it HERE.

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Philadelphia: guida alla città e al suo incredibile countryside. 1061 1062 1070 1072 Collaborations Food Outfit WhereToGo

Philadelphia: guide to the city and its incredible countryside.

A rainy Sunday that brings to mind many memories.

I started the story of my last adventure in the USA HERE and today is definitely the right day to tell you about Philadelphia and its countryside that I could live and tell thanks to the respective Tourism Authorities and Master Consulting.

A guide to the city and its incredible countryside.

Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, can be reached very easily with an hour by train from New York. Through the Amtrak company you can book your chair that will take you from the skyscrapers to the city where the United States of America was born.

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2 days in New York City: what to see and do. 1061 1070 1072 Collaborations Outfit WhereToGo

2 days in New York City: what to see and do.

It seems incredible but until last month I had never been to the Big Apple. The city that never sleeps had always fascinated me a lot, but I knew that sooner or later its time would come.

I didn’t look for it but I wanted it so much and so in a cold and rainy May it happened.

And it couldn’t have happened better: with my Lu (l) i hand in hand and a prelude to a road trip in true American style that left me with the enormous desire to come back again.

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Secrets of wellness on the go? I’m goint to tell you directly from the #TramActivia.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
I’m curious ☺
When I’m around the world I always try to start the day with a bit of fruit, I’m sure that only in this way I’m going to it.
When I’m at home instead I take my honey and lemon juice (or tea based on how much I sleep) and then I run out for the commissions of the day. I usually always have something to drink with me; I recently put Activia da Bere in my  bag. My favorite is peach and mango!

During my days I always get plenty of liquids, but at the end I want something more tasty than the water and if at the same time it helps my body to work better, it’s all gained!
Imagine my amazement when Activia itself proposed to participate in one of the events hosted on #TramActivia, which will be in Milan from 4 to 17 June. It is one of the Caffè con Donna Moderna with the theme “Wellness on-the-go”.

I tell you the tips and secrets I learned

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My Spring moments with Cluse watches.

IMG_8519-1 My Spring moments with Cluse watches.

Time, the most precious asset of our lives.

You can not buy it, you can not create it … you can only live and count to ensure that important moments do not escape us.

Today I show you three looks, three different occasions to match with that little object born just to make you always live the right time.

Sometimes it is good to forget to look at the watch, sometimes it is fundamental to observe it … in any case it is an accessory that can be noticed.

As I will always tell you, the details make the difference and  Cluse watches really attract attention.

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