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Succede solo a me di trovare casualmente una vecchia fotografia e di tornare indietro con la memoria al momento in cui era stata scattata, un momento che si era perso negli archivi della mente?!

E allora mi rendo conto che sfogliando queste foto provenienti dal mio profilo Instagram (qui), un giorno saranno proprio loro a stupirmi e a far risalire in superficie bei momenti, luoghi e sensazioni.

Questo è il mio ultimo mese, da un mare all’altro (anche un po’ di montagna in realtà)… Lazio, Toscana , Marche, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo.

Nuovi luoghi e posti del cuore, sorrisi e incontri.

Un lunedì carico di nuove energie, pronta per nuove avventure.

Instagram profile: @dianadelorenzi                       Facebook: The Spiral D


It only happens to me to find an old photograph and go back down with the memory to the time at which it was taken, a moment that was lost in the archives of the mind ?!

And then I realize that, by browsing these photos from my Instagram profile (here), one day will be the ones to amaze and to rise to the surface good times, places and sensations.

This is my last month, from sea to sea (even a little  of mountain actually) … Lazio, Tuscany, Marche, Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo.

New places and places of the heart, smiles and meetings.

A Monday charged with new energy, ready for new adventures.

Instagram profile: @dianadelorenzi                       Facebook: The Spiral D
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New sunglasses by Emian Bohe in Villa D’Este.

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Kimono and shorts time in Rimini.925965_830638686961086_1148290176_n IG

Morning walk in Villa D’Este.926264_269782806563528_2033617172_n IG

Cala del Gesso – Argentario (Tusacany).927136_1461422660801562_307151247_n IG

Borgo San Giuliano – Rimini.928327_351899568293518_572169877_n IG

Singita for an aperitif – Fregene.1737138_331979080301766_431340563_n IG

Dinner with a view – La Vita è Bella restaurant.10387839_602711976504888_1602141567_n IG

My “little” cat Zaffiro.
10431975_361422990679430_13835832_n IG

Sunset at Tiberio’s Bridge – Rimini.10448945_802175143166425_838708754_n IG

A bridge where on the right and left there is only the sea – Argentario.
10538522_10204898038276423_210346787_n IG

Silver sea at the “Ultima Spiaggia” – Capalbio.10569972_679446002149444_648691099_n IG

Cala del Gesso – Argentario.10581226_10204898034876338_1053562251_n IG

My BF shirt.

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A place of heart – Pereto.
10597415_337887859704591_1611695772_n IGOutfit of the night.
10598405_1443776565903208_1822820737_n IG

Red lips and boho dress.
10598474_728712767166704_1254156132_n IG

Time for an escape in Pereto.10598657_309303199250341_1766583914_n IG

Night out in Rimini.10601720_1469199716666142_1712959162_n IG Ready for the beach.10601886_854624564557074_1457496710_n IG

Lace kimono on the beach – Rimini.
10607998_809802795726762_1193139048_n IGArgentario.
10616310_282073851994719_1469246509_n IG

A bath of light.10616676_534443206656942_1175902225_n IG

A day on the beach with friends. Tarquinia.10617073_1448129345466684_1441509220_n IG Watching the sunset. 10617172_334724403318969_1834340369_n IGA sweet surprise from La Romana.
10632052_825943197436353_1384148156_n IG Tempio Malatestiano – Rimini.10632449_326693370830151_1139467038_n IG

Stroili Incanto Collection.10643980_716952991687407_227925069_n IG Back in town with a view. YSL vintage bag.10654003_10204898035516354_1885054795_n IGNew descoveries – Portonovo (Marche)
10655035_654321054675389_955887946_n IG Night view in Rimini.10655053_1546134105615621_1477072789_n IG

The best surprise ever.10656362_10204898032436277_1188258701_n IG

Gazometro- Rome.
10660506_10204898037436402_1333642606_n IG

Outift of the day.10660872_10204898032516279_850735143_n IG Again my love.10660916_10204898032396276_1806278314_n IG Feeling the sea.10661067_711058282319673_1766894491_n IG

Ponte di Tiberio – Rimini.
10665272_610078742447106_458290888_n IG

Easy look with Superga & Chanel10665550_908833469131494_142906211_n IGShooting for Casimira (Brazilian brand) in Rome. Soon on the blog.
10665572_604217266368019_785960878_n IGThere is Rome over there.
10668150_10204898037756410_1658104154_n IGBlack and white mood.
10668565_10204898032236272_1162849703_n IG

On top.10681740_10204898032476278_992679090_n IG

Corners of Italy – Sperlonga.10681969_10204898035476353_144276373_n IG

Having a drink in Rome – Terrazza San Pancrazio.
10682045_10204898037716409_1567257614_n IG

Sunset time – Lago del Turano10683947_893171807364402_586633121_n IG Red sky.10694840_10204898035436352_1084827675_n IG Morning roses- Pereto.10694879_10204898038236422_738304880_n IG

Walking on the ancient walls- Capalbio.

10695277_10204898032196271_1720264835_n IG Bohémien look for a big day.