There is once  in a year, a magical beauty world where all the innovations become reality: the Cosmoprof.

By now usual appointment for me, I bring you to discover all the latest releases on the subject nails.

Like last year, I have been in the company of Estrosa, made in Italy brand of nail products and gel semi permanent leader.

The last time my post had really gained a lot of questions and curiosity, in search of information that is disclosed for the first time on the show.

So step right to the point, what are the newcomers in the house of Estrosa?

2 are the new collections: one for the semi-permanent line and one with the same tones for persistance and Estremo.

Tropical Miami line is dedicated to the latter. warm, bright colors that will bring cheer on our hands through two types of enamel. Estremo is the long-lasting, which dries  at the air, able to guarantee a flawless seal for 10 days. Persistance, however, is the 3 in 1 brand: base, color, top coat all in one same container to catalyze with a lamp.
Japanese Glam is, however, the beautiful line from shades of pink dedicated to semi-permanent. I must tell you that I have decided shortly before the Cosmoprof to make a small investment and buy a kit which allows to perform professional manicure at home (including lamp, drill, buffer, etc). My choice was, therefore, right on this collection. I still remember when my friend told me she had discovered an incredible brand in the field of nail polish, some years ago; it was him: Estrosa.
Over time has managed to consolidate its reputation and to establish itself on the market with perfect products for both professionals and DIY customers.

I then give you my own opinion as part of the latter category, and my impressions after using about a month.

The story and the try at the Cosmoprof

Catapulted in the eccentric and colorful world of Cosmoprof, I headed to super pop stand of Estrosa. Also this year there were available the most talented nail artists of the brand to make any manicure you can think of.

I had a very specific request: sugar paper and mirrored nails to match my outfit of the day.

My manicure, from dark tones with bright reflections was performed on gel reconstruction using the products of semi-permanent line, a mirror powder to be spread on the nail machined to obtain the mirror effect and, finally, a more coarse powder hematite color to provide the raw  effect from sugar.

About half an hour of achievement, a lot of professionalism and kindness of the Estrosa technique, and it’s done.

What do you think? I liked it a lot. The black semi-permanent line is incredible.
7 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa.10 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 8 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 14 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa.


The test at home: Japanese Glam Collection.

I couldn’t  come back home without having tried the new color line inspired by Japan; so I brought the collection with me to test it with you.

The new shades are 4 and have wonderful names: Geisha, Peony, Sakura and Lotus Flower.

Remember my trip to Japan last summer ?!

Here, it was a little ‘how to make a dip in the beautiful memories of this land and its colors.

As a first application I chose the red Geisha. I love to wear garish lipstick on the lips in all shades of red and fuchsia.

This color goes well because depending on the light takes on different shades.

I applied it at my return from the trip to Tuscany, so three days after the Cosmoprof, and so there are 17 days remaining flawless on my nails.

Only the regrowth will appoint his replacement (curious to try the Peony color).

To apply it is necessary a base, the color, and finally the top coat, to catalyze lamp.

Honestly, I recommend to all to opt for this type of nail polish. It ‘s really nice to be able to forget to put the polish and always have impeccable hands.

The Geisha color accompanied me in my journey to Milan, in the days on the mountains with Luca and in my daily life when  my  hands just can not sit still.

It never ruined and it was always with a super shiny finish, these photos I’ve taken a couple of days ago.

Seeing  to believe:)
11 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 1 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 5 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 9 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 3 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 4 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 13 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa. 12 My Cosmoprof experience with Estrosa.