Welcome to my on the road in Ireland.

I start to tell you about this trip as a goal that my boyfriend and I dreaming from a long time. Then on a cold February morning, when the gray sky was full of melancholy, we decided to book and go without not so much planned.

With only flight tickets in hand , the first hotel to stay and a route I formulated we embarked on a cold night.

To expect us, at Dublin airport, our rented car on Liligo, that was our real home, and salvation in the days of tours.

During the month of February temperatures in Ireland are rigid, so to have a car in which heat up during visits at points of interest actually makes a difference.

We opted for automatic car (about 60 euro for 7 days) and I must say that apart from the first impact, driving on the left was not a problem at all for my him. The trick is never to lose focus and do not act instinctively.

Dublin – the best places to visit with a walking route

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