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Winter escape to Jamaica: discovering the Caribbean island of Bob Marley.

Caribbean are my favorite place in the world, they have the instantaneous ability to make me feel the sun inside.

An overwhelming and multi-faceted culture, lush nature, crystal clear sea and long beaches of fine sand.

Last December, just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to discover one of the most loved islands: Jamaica, thanks to the Tourist Board and the Alidays tour operator through which you can live exactly our trip!

The best time to visit is right between December and April, when the rains are less frequent. In reality, the climate is tropical, so temperatures are high all year round (between 20 and 30 degrees).

The official language of the island is English (being part of the Commonwealth) and the American dollar is accepted everywhere (even if the official currency is the Jamaican dollar).

The strong point? Reggae culture.

Let’s go to the discovery of the Caribbean island of Bob Marley!

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