The beginning of 2017 has given me one of the greatest gift: a travel experience at the end of February in a land that I dreamed for a long time: Jordan. Admiring one of the seven wonders of the modern world with my own eyes was one of the greatest feelings ever.

What to do before leaving:

A place far just 3 hour of flight from Italy  but apparently difficult in some aspects. I will not conceal that friends and relatives were not excited about my departure. In reality, I never felt  in danger or in trouble, NEVER EVER. Of course it is always good to take out travel insurance just in case. When it comes to a country outside Europe it is right and necessary practice. In this case it was already provided in the package offered by the tour operator . But usually when it is not included, I entrust myself to Allianz Global Assistance, a small expense that can makes the

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